EK362 Tenttikysymkset


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Tenttikysymykset 4.2.2016

1. Harmful heavy metals in foods - main sources and intake, a short overview to the past and future trends

2. Dioxin and dioxin-like PCBs in food chain

3. Means to control the formation of acrylamide in foods

4. Formation (routes) of N-nitroso compounds in foods

5. Radioactive residues in foods and drinking water

Tenttikysymykset 8.12.2015

1. Harmful heavy metals in food. Intake and most common sources. A brief overview of the trends of the past and now.

2. Acrylamide. Ways to control/manage.

3. Something on PAH.

4. Irradiation, arguments for and against. Explain also the basis of the arguments.

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